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Re: FW: Dogs & endurance


Having raised, trained and raced greyounds for over 20 years I would like to
give some words of caution on using greyhounds as riding companions.

Greyhounds were bred for short distances, remember they mainly race at 5/16
mile.  They do not have fat to help them on a long distance run.  They are
site animals, which means they see something, go after it, and will run into
anything in their way.  Many are killed by hitting fences, etc.  Or will run
until they drop, they don't know to stop when they get tired and hot.
Many years ago when I was first starting endurance, I had my grandkids with me
and we were just riding easy.  Had a greyhound with me, it was hot and humid.
By six miles he was overheated, put him over my granddaughters pony and was
lucky to come to a house with a hose.  Put a lot of water on him, the people
took him home for me, when I got there I put him on ringers lactate.  This dog
was lucky, he made it.  This is not an isolated case of greyhounds getting hot
on me.  They would do it out in the field running.

I don't know how the tracks work in England, but in America for the day races
the tracks have stock tanks so as soon as the dog runs its race the dog is
dunked in the tank.

They do make wonderful pets and companions.  But! Not on long training rides.
I know their are exceptions.  I just want you to beware.  Also I would find a
greyhound farm and give a greyhound a home that they are getting rid of
because it won't chase, these often don't make it to the adoption center and
are better riding companions.

I have two dogs that go with me on training rides, a Black & Tan Coonhound and
a cross coonhound.  They have gone over 50 miles, probably more sense they
hunt on the way.

Good luck on you hunt for a dog and don't give up on the Greyhound, just be

Genie Wunderlich, ESMT

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