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Horse acting weird!

Dear Ridecampers,
Thought maybe someone might have a thought or suggestion about my
endurance gelding who is behaving strangely.  A couple of weeks ago he
started not cleaning up his feed when previously he chowed down with
gusto.  It was mostly just not eating the larger pieces of beet pulp. 
Then he started leaving more and more including grain, even when I cut
it down by half.  He doesn't seem to be losing weight...he has been
getting beet pulp, oil and probiotics with his grain plus E and SE.  The
only major change has been the addition of a new horse and one leaving
(she actually went next door to live with my sister and they can still
see each other!).  So herd dynamics have been stressed lately.  I know
dogs go through "kennel syndrome".  Is it possible this is
psychological?  I am very concerned.  It is NOT like him... he is still
affectionate, doesn't seem ill (he did get kicked a couple days ago that
left a nasty hematoma on his butt for which we gave him bute because it
was so sore).  He just had his teeth done in December.  His manure looks
fine.  He's urinating fine (promptly went out after I gave him some
grain this morning and peed on one of the mare's piles of hay!).  I just
don't know what to think but I know "he ain't right!".  Any thoughts
about this would be greatly appreciated.  We have 10 weeks before our
first ride and I am really worried.  Thanks!

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