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Re: euthanasia

I once had a horse get loose and hit by a car in a blizzard... everybody
and their brother came out for the exciting dramatic episode but the vet
was unable to get there for 2 hours... I was faced with what to do...
the sherrif's deputy offered to shoot him for me...he had broken his leg
in two places and was in severe pain.  It about killed me but I knew it
was up to me to end his suffering as quickly as I could.  The deputy was
quick and merciful.  I think some people might resent the "local gun
freak" comment but if I was faced personally with the choice of shoot
him now or wait 2 hours for the vet... I would feel obligated to shoot
him, even if I had to do it myself.  If the vet is available, that is my
first choice but if not... well, sometimes we do what we have to do.

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