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Re: Endurance Movement

Lauren & Allan Horn wrote:

> Is it desirable to have a horse that moves wide in the rear at the trot?
> I see some horses doing it, others do not. I always thought it was some
> sort of gait "fault" but I have heard otherwise.

When a horse is trotting with a truely HUGE stride, they would step all over
themselves if they didn't find a way to change the track of their front or
back feet.  The horses who you see striding wide are also probably very
extended yet balanced.  Mike's horse trots VERY wide in rear and oversteps
(back feet prints are farther forward than front feet prints) by 8-12".
He's been clocked at 22 mph at the trot, and Mike was still holding him
back!  (Rocket & I gallop to keep up with their trot.  We've just given up
keeping up with Mike & Major's gallop all together!)  His back feet's prints
are spaced more widely than the front - missing those heels/not pulling off
shoes.  This is something that he learned to do over about a 2 year period
when he first started doing some distance.

I feel that moving wide in the rear shows a horse who is adapting his
abilities to allow for a larger trot.  I haven't seen a hollowed out horse
(or otherwise unbalanced) who could move like that.  That makes me think
that they <have> to round their back to be able to trot like that.  Not a
bad thing in my book.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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