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Breakfast which day(s)?

I still have several people who have indicated that they are coming to the
breakfast but have not stated whether it will be on Friday, Saturday, or
both days.  Please check and see if your name is on this list and let me
know your plans so that I can get a more accurate head count for each day.
Thanks a lot...and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you later this month!


Monika Smith
Paddi Sprecher
Trish Dowling
Barb Thomas & 2 friends
Bobbie Lieberman	
Patty Gaglioti & John Saunders
Drin Becker
Anne Kennedy
Carol Wingate DVM
Potato Richardson
Debby Lyon
Rita Schlim
Valerie Hewitt & friend
Tracy Stampke
Gesa Brinks
Becky Hackworth +1
Valerie and Chris Newson & Valerie's sister
Jennifer Heim & Doug Mallory			
Becky & Danny Harris
Jim & April Mitchell + 2
Karen Schwartz
Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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