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Re: using euthanasia

>From: Kristi 
>In no way do I condone "convenience
>killing", but what I did may seem
>convenient to some. My horse was diagnosed with navicular and declined
>rapidly; I spent lots
>of money trying to keep him comfortable
>(acupuncture, laser, bute, etc) but he 
>was almost always in pain. When I told
>the vet at the teaching hospital that I
>wanted to end his suffering, I was 
>"scolded" and told that I should pay for
>a neurectomy (hope I remembered the word
>right - nerve block surgery). I 
>1)couldn't afford the surgery 2) had no
>idea what I'd "do" with the horse - I 
>couldn't use him for long distance and 3) did NOT want to sell him not
knowing where he'd end up because of his condition (he would still be LAME
in my book - he just wouldn't know it). So, was having him euthanized a

Hell, no. You had a horse with an irreversible degenerative condition,
which you managed as long as humanely possible. Good job. 
			--CMNewell, DVM

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