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Re: Cost of euthanasia

I guess I have it pretty good too (sounds odd when referring to putting a
horse down, though).  Here in Santa Ynez  a couple of years ago the cost was
roughly $200 which included the burial in a landfill.  I was able to trailer
my filly to my vet's barn so that saved on the pick up fee.  Kat, maybe you
should shop around?  Hard to believe that it is so expensive in Orange County
which is only a couple hundred miles away.  I have to admit that even if the
cost were $1,000 I would rather euthanise by injection, under my supervision &
control, than ship an injured horse (this one had broken her leg -- yeah, I
know I hauled her in my trailer, but she was pumped full of pain killers at
the time).  Also, I don't know about the rest of you, but if I were being put
down, I'd ask for an injection rather than a bullet in the head.  SOUNDS less


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