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Re: sarcoids

	Yes, we have a horse that had sarcoids "Rett Butler" 5yr. old, bay, gelding.
It all started out with a small thumb nail size spot in the flank area.  It
was removed and then in 4 weeks, not only did it come back, but doubled in
size.  We found out later after doing this over a couple of more times that
the sarcoids had started showing up in 5 more locations.
	We finally went to a large clinic and discussed over of what to do.  This
came to, either do something different, or we would have to put this guy down
before to long.  The sarcoids had taken over and he has not conferrable at
this point.  We finally decided to put him through a full on attack against
this stuff and see if we could save his life.  He under went laser surgery on
6 places of his body with follow up of kemo therapy.  He started his surgery
and kemo therapy treatment in March of 1998.  He received 8 treatments every
two weeks in some spots & 3 more treatments every two weeks in other places.
	He lost some of the end of his ear and has some scars that make people think
he hit barb wire, but he is alive!  He just started back his career of
endurance.  He had done some limited distance as a 4 yr. old and did great.
He just last week completed his first 50 miler at the Fire Mt. ride and placed
20th with a Jr. rider, Kori Byrd.  He is a great guy and a full brother to our
other horse Ima Liberated Lady, which won the 1st place heavyweight division
in PS region this last year 1998.  We will not know if this is done & over
with until 18 months of remission.  Until then he is enjoying his life.

Tammy Robinson & Katie Bar The Door

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