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Fwd: Emergency Morgan auction in Nebraska

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From: Sallijan Snyder 

I found the following on rec.equestrian and see it is not in the archives as
having appeared on Ridecamp. Apologies 
for any format problems as this was a
quick cut-n-paste job.  -Sal

posted by on 2/4/99:

There is an auction of 13 Morgan horses 
in North Platte, Nebraska on this
Saturday at 10:30.  They are supposed 
to be purebred Morgans and Morgan-
draft crosses, and one Morab, and including one palomino Morgan stallion.

These horses are from the estate of I.J. "Bucko" Doan, and are of the highly
esteemed Walker Morgan Ranch breeding
of King Pine and Red Correll breeding.
Unfortunately it sounds as if most have 
never been registered, although most
are purebred,  and the purebred ones 
are from registered, bloodtyped
parents, and papers can probably eventually gotten. Right now no one can
get any info on short notice from the 
Morgan registry to see if any are
registered or can be registered. These 
are the "old type" Morgans.  

If some buyers don't get to the auction,
 they will probably go to the killer 
plant down the street.  We are 
desperately trying to get responsible buyers to go to the auction to rescue 
some of the horses.  Perhaps some of you mule breeders looking to breed Morgan 
crosses could go.

For information  call Tom Dolan (auctioneer) at 308-534-0500 or
Jeanne Galllagher a Morgan breeder also has info at 402-643-2536.
Please spread the word.

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