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Re: Tevis

> I would like to add that Swanton Pacific 100 can be done without a crew and
> has been done so by quite a few riders.  We provide hay and water at all the
> vet checks, plus we will take in, and bring back, drop bags for the riders.
>I don't know of a single ride here in the NW that DOESN'T do this--lots of
>folks ride without crews here, and ride managers make it as easy as possible
>for them.

Yeah but what is nice about Tevis is the volunteers!  Don't they have like
260 of them? 

They have people to put blankets on your horses - even take your horse for
you so you can go do other things :^).  They'll mix up bran mashes for you,
get hay for your horse - food for you - sodas - hot food (at night)  - even
trot your horse for you - anything you want.  In fact, you have to turn
people away who are wanting to help you!  Makes you feel good to say - yeah
- go ahead and fill up my front right water bottle just so the poor guy (or
girl) has something to do! 

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver
& Rocky

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