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Re: Tevis

In a message dated 2/4/99 7:54:20 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< << > Out of all the rides that are put on, the Tevis is probability the one
  > you can do without a crew.  You can count on having all the food, water,
  > hay being at all the check spots.  Last year you only got to see your crew
  > twice anyway. >>
 I would like to add that Swanton Pacific 100 can be done without a crew and
 has been done so by quite a few riders.  We provide hay and water at all the
 vet checks, plus we will take in, and bring back, drop bags for the riders.

I don't know of a single ride here in the NW that DOESN'T do this--lots of
folks ride without crews here, and ride managers make it as easy as possible
for them.


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