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Re: Tailing

>As I move from competitive trail to
>endurance, I'm looking forward to being
>able to dismount and tail my horse (as
>I'm sure he is too!) to give us both a
>break...I would prefer to leave both
>reins attached to his headstall and use
>a tailing line that clips to the 
>reins and slides so I can have direct "steering" for both directions.

Hi Kristi

I bought some mountain climbing rope (by the foot), attached a small
caribbeaner to the end of it and clip it to the bottom of my horses
halter/bridle (whatever I have on his head at the time).  I believe the
length is about 10' long.  Then I coil up the end of it in about one or two
loops and attach that to the pommel on my saddle.  I made a little velcro
thingy that goes around my pommel, so I only need lift up the end of the
velcro strap, put the rope down and put the strap back over it.  Holds it
nice and secure - there is nothing in my way - and should the rope manage
to get caught on something the velcro will give way (haven't had that
happen - seems to be a pretty good system).  Then, when I know I'm going to
get off and tail, I'll un-velcro the tailing rope, and replace it with my
regular reins - so that they are now being held by the velcro.  This way
when I am tailing I don't have to worry about them falling off sideways or
over the horses head (as he tries to stop and eat every time there is
food!).  Once you do it a few times, it is really easy and not as
complicated as it sounds.  The benefit of the velcro is that it works
really good to hold a small flashlight too - usually by the time I want to
have a flashlight with me I am no longer going to be tailing so can trade
the tailing rope for the flashlight.  I could describe in more detail how
to make the velcro attachment for the pommel - it should work on almost any

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver
& Rocky

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