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Re: People shoes

In a message dated 2/4/99 9:50:30 AM EST, writes:

<< ttle trouble finding something comfortable
 for *my* feet while riding.  I have a pair of Ariats that
 are great for short rides (I mean really short) but after a
 1/2 hour they rub the back of my heel.  Then I tried my tall
 rubber English boots (it was very wet and muddy) but they
 have no sole support and bothered me after about a 1/2 hour
 also.  Today I'll try my Roper boots, we'll see how that
 goes.  What do you all ride in?
I, along with almost all riders I've seen at competitions, wear running shoes
of some sort, you shoes.  If you really want "riding" shoes,
get some "riding" tennis shoes.  They give arch support, are very comfortable
and allow your foot to swell during long rides without discomfort.  I
recommend old, worn out tennis shoes, or a shoe that is slightly too big to
accomidate the swelling that happens over the endurance course.  Also, what
kind of stirrups are you using, I did my first ride with english irons, I was
miserable to say the least.  I then bought the wide endurance stirrups, very
good decision!  Would not compete without them.

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