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Re: Cal Poly Arabian Mares (From:Student)

I am afraid that you have a slight misunderstanding of the new California
law--it is illegal to sell horses for the purpose of slaughter for HUMAN
consumption--not for any other purpose.  Of course, the effect of this law
will be to decrease the slaughter value of horses in California.
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Date: Wednesday, February 03, 1999 5:41 PM
Subject: Cal Poly Arabian Mares (From:Student)

>Hiya All,
> I am a senior at Cal-Poly and also on the horse show team.  As far as I
>Cal-Poly did except some horses from a donor and they are currently in a
>paddock, getting feed, some exercise, and are generally well cared for.
>Although these horses do have some problems both conformation and health,
>Poly is not in the habit of sending horses to the slaughter.  Besides,
>now illegal in to do in California, and also illegal to ship horses out of
>state for the purpose of slaughter.  What we are doing is trying to
>the horses out.  If there is a horse that we cannot help, the kind thing to
>is put it down.  Thanks for listening.
>Chris Bradley

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