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Hi Everyone,

As you must all know now, I am the new kid on the block, here in Australia.
I use a Equine dentist, I have found that he was better than my vet.  Don't
get me wrong my Vet is an accomplished horse Vet.  The Dentist doesn't use a
gag and he specialises in his field.  I think that Vets have such a large
field to cover and some do have a specialty in some fields.  My Vet for
instance is the best person for stitching but her partner isn't, but he is
the best reproduction Vet.

So why not use a specialist.  We use the Equine Dentist for teeth, the Horse
Chiropractor for injuries, the Farrier for feet and the Vet for illnesses.
Everyone around us can help and advise on all other aspects of horses but we
still refer to the right person.  We think with all of these people around
us they give us a great support network.


The comment about getting the teeth checked regularly and some horses for
various reasons need to be floated more often because of this.  I just
wanted to let you know that I see your point clearly and couldn't agree with
you more but I guess the whole point of the story is check with the
professionals first.

Donna P.

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