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Re: Purina Athlete

>So sorry Susan and Truman...yes there is at least one successful endurance
>rider in the Southeast using  Purina Athlete.
>Cindy Bell
>AERC member...Southeast Region (1st place)
>Wameco.....1st place National 100 mile Championship

Cindy, neither Truman or I have ever said you cannot or will not compete
well on Purina Athlete.  Everyone was asked for their opinion, and I gave
mine.  I NEVER make dire predictions that no horse will ever do well on any
one product and anyone who has ever attended one of my lectures knows I
start out my talk saying that there are no absolutes when it comes to
feeding horses.

I'm sure we all appreciate your input and experience with Athlete, but I'd
appreciate it if you didn't take my posts out of context in the future.


Susan Garlinghouse

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