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Re: bogs

In reference to the ride with bogs...I was there...I rode the 50.  It
rained inches and inches up until one hour before start...the bogs could
NOT be helped and the trail was rerouted IMMEDIATELY when RM found out
about the bog.  RM did an EXCELLENT job of going out there immediately with
people who knew the area and could re-route!  By the time I started the
third loop, the entire loop had been remarked.  Please do not be so quick
to condem.  If I got such negative comments and I was the RM, I would
seriously consider not putting on another ride for the riders (which
numbered 135 BTW).

Guys, Ride Managers do the best they can, and if *YOU* continue to whine
and complain you'll find yourself without a ride to go to!

(This is not in reference to Scott's post about HOW to avoid the bogs, but
about the post on why management didn't do something about it)

Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Arabians

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