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Re: Registration Fee

> I agree!  I'm afraid some youngsters who could benefit from the great advice
> here would be lost because of the fee, and the responses to the nasty posts
> got to be more disruptive and annoying than the original message.

If the messages will still be archived as they are now, and guest posts
will still be allowed (though screened) ... what's the problem?  Anyone
who wants to read the messages can still do so just about as quickly as
they come to your email box, and anyone wanting to post occasionally can
still do so through the guest form (if it's a legitimate topic, of
course).  A $10 subscription fee is paltry, really, compared to the
immense value of the forum -- less than a bag of probis. <g>

I think Steph's suggestions for revamping Ridecamp are right on target and
I fully support them.

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL
AERC # M18819 & H27310
SE Region

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