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RE: Purina Athlete/ Sports Saddles/ Steph Support

 Gees! All these topics! That's what I get for lurking so long........
Steph : Whatever you need to do to keep this list going go girl!
You have done a great job and I am willing to pay whatever  is required to
keep it going.......can't imagine the amount of  $$$ it has saved me in all
the info I have learned.!!!   I use the digest form of
it then open it.......I look at the topics and the writers......based on that
combo I will read it or delete the file before opening it all the
way......lately I have done lots of deleting......
For those who want a sports saddle.....just be aware........I love the comfort
of mine and my horses' back is just fine......but I have had repeated knee
problems which I can trace to this saddle.  I am a HW rider on a 14.2 short
backed Morgan.....the seat I need in a SS  is too big for her......though she
has no back pain, she is now traveling short and unable to bend
correctly.......under supervision by my equine was deemed the size
of the saddle is interferring with her.  So it is not the saddle.....but the
size of what I require......15 1/2" seat on a short backed horse.. When I find
the new saddle.......( oh God I can't believe I have to go through this
again!)  my SS will be for sale.  And last...dear Cindy Bell....and  Wameco on
Purina Athlete.......congrats on your National 100 mile Championship!! But I
feel it is very important that the masses understand ( with regard to the use
of Purina Athelete) that you and your horse  could be considered abberancies (
freaks of nature)! He (Meko)  is the most unusual of horses, and you my dear
friend are his soul mate! ( still want me to crew for you?)

(comments on the Stonewall, Synergist, Steele, Desoto anyone?)
Jupiter, Fl

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