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Re: Trailer Tie Stories

This bungie cord was the original brand; they initially came out 7 to 10
years ago. 

They are very thick and black with light blue threads, and there were
two styles. One was like a regular trailer tie, and one had a velcro
loop on the one end and a huge bull snap on the other, and was long
enough to be used in pairs for cross ties, of singly as a rail tie.

Funny that the heavy bull snap gave out before the velcro, eh?!!!

I wouldn't use any of them now...

  - Linda

C Eyler wrote:
> Linda,
> Where these ties the coiled type?  Someone mentioned earlier not to use
> that type, but rather the smooth white kind with the black specks.  That's
> what I've got, though I haven't even used them yet.
> Cindy Eyler
> >My horror story involves those huge black bungie cord cross ties. I used
> >them in my slat load for a little while.

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