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Trailer Stories

One of the most amazing trailering accidents...We were following a truck
and 4-horse stock trailer on a piece of hwy (Yellowhead Hwy, for those
Canucks listening in) that had an extremely strong cross wind. We were in a
truck, with a big steel 2 horse bumper pull (empty at the time).

Anyway, watched in absolute horror as the wind slammed into the truck and
literally pushed it and the trailer in the ditch! It landed upright. We
stopped to help a very distraught woman. Her truck and trailer were'nt
going to move for a bit. But she had a big TB in her stock trailer (loose).
He came out like nothing happened. Walked into our trailer and we drove him
about 5 miles down the road. At that point, he also unloaded easily, but a
little puzzled; I don't think he was used to backing up.

This wasn't a tornado or any such thing, although Alberta has been known to
have had a couple biggies in the past. It's made me very aware of OUR
winds. Just call us Tornado Alley North!


Monika, Koko and Ripp

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