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Re: Paring down the sole and frog

One other point I forgot to mention -- the current farrier is also paring
out more deeply the grooves on either side of the frog (stupid, can't
remember what they're called).  Are there pro's and con't to this practice?

Cindy Eyler

At 05:32 PM 2/1/99 -0500, C Eyler wrote:
>His frogs are certainly not diseased, but bits and pieces sometimes seem to
>be shedding or shredding.  Is this normal, or should such tissue be pared
>Cindy Eyler
>At 05:19 PM 2/1/99 EST, wrote:
>>Whether or not one should pare down the sole or frog depends on whether
it is
>>diseased, torn, or some such, or just being done for cosmetic purposes.  I
>>would have to agree with those of you who have suggested leaving it for
>>protection--that is exactly what it is there for!  Trimming and paring the
>>frog and sole should primarily be done to remove any that is damaged (hence
>>might catch and tear worse) or that has gotten soft or mushy from disease.
> If
>>it's healthy, leave it alone!

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