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My trainer once had her horse(a huge Warmblood) fall in the trailer-a 2
horse bumper pull. They couldn't get the ramp opened as the horse was
kicking and struggling against it and rocking the whole trailer. He had
uprooted the center division and was down on his side-literally cast in
the trailer. They opened the grooms door in front and tried to calm him
down but he was well and truly crazy. While they were still debating
what to do, he managed to get upright and exited in a hurry thro the
grooms door!!!! If you see the size of that horse and the size of the
door it is difficult to believe. He had a few scrapes but no real
damage. Sometimes when these things happen the horse can better get
itself out than we can- and there is less damage to us and them!! Of
course the best is that it does not happen - but such is life with

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