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When I first got my horse, I started training the John Lyon's method of
self-loading. We took our time and this particular day, he went in and
stopped where he should, and I put up the butt bar.(first time I didn't
allow him to back off.) When he felt that bar and he couldn't go forward
and he couldn't go back, he freaked. Scrambling, rearing, etc., til in a
matter of seconds, had his butt wedged under the butt bar.  He was still
thrashing around with his front end and screaming! I panicked. Couldn't
release the bar with him putting pressure of it. What to do? Quickly, my
son and I lifted the ramp and literally, pushed/ squeezed him forward and
out from under the bar and he righted himself. No physical harm done but
mentally, it did him in as far as trailering goes. I ended up having him
professionally trained to load and trailer and to this day, I lead him on.
He absolutely will not self-load and after his experience, I can't say that
I blame him!

Pam and Bandit in MA

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