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The thread on feeding/not feeding in the trailer made me think of some of the
things that I have been told emphatically NEVER to do with horses.

Never allow a horse to eat with a bit in his mouth.

Never feed a horse carrots.

Never feed in the trailer.

Never allow a hot horse to drink.

Never trot downhill.  Never canter downhill.  Never trot uphill.  Never canter
uphill.  Never trot or canter in the sand.

Never use a martingale.  Never ride without a martingale.  Never ride without
a breast collar.  Never ride without a crupper.  Never ride with a martingale
or a crupper.

Never use hot wire corrals at a ride.

Never put shoes on a horse.  Never ride a horse a long distance without shoes.
Never use pads.  Never do a rocky ride without pads.

Never feed an endurance horse alfalfa.

Never trailer a horse more than four hours without taking him out.  Never take
the horse out when you are trailering.  Never tie your horse in the trailer.
Never leave your horse loose in the trailer.

Never use a bit on an endurance ride.  Never ride without a bit.

Never force electrolytes.  Never do a long hot ride without forcing

Never ride without a bra.  Never ride without underwear.

There is someone out there who could tell a convincing disaster story about
each and every one of these nevers.  If we took to heart each thing that
someone tells us never to do, we would certainly never ride our horses.

Debby Lyon

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