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Re: RC: Cavaletti?


The following Cavalletti measurements are from the book, "Cavalletti" by
Reiner Klimke.

Trot:  distance in the center of the rails must be 4' 3"

Walk:  2' 8" apart.

Klimke also recommended that cavalletti be built so that they could be
turned and have three different heights:   Height 1:  6-8"
                                    Height 2:  11-13"
                                    Height 3:  18-20"

Also, please note Klimke's comments regarding using poles on the ground:
"Poles or rails have disadvantages, and therefore strictly speaking, they
are not good substitutes.  They cannot be put at the right height of 6-8"
(15-20 cm), thus the horse does not always pay attention to them. Also they
move very easily if touched, and they can be dangerous if the horse treads
on them as they roll away underfoot. A strained fetlock joint or a pulled
tendon could be the result. So if you are going to use poles instead of a
proper cavalletti, at least make sure that the poles are firmly fixed.
Generally speaking 4 to 6 rails are sufficient."

N. Fla.

lbhbhnck wrote:

> I know that this is not exactly endurance related, but a woman who rode
> one of my horses at an endurance ride asked me, and I don't know the
> answer.
> What is the correct spacing for cavaletti when working a horse over
> them. She is helping some children learn to ride. She e-mailed me. I
> told her I would try to find out. I don't have a book here with the
> answer...haven't had time to visit my friends who jump some.
> Thanks in advance.
> Lucie Hancock
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