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Re: RC: Cavaletti?

Spacing can depend on your particular horse's gaits.  I think your friend 
would be best served bu setting up ground poles first.  Then  walk , trot, 
canter over them and space them accordingly for each gait.  Don't try it with 
the kids up first.  keep a log of the distances and it should be easy to 
eyeball them as time goes on.  I use cavelletti work for all disciplines.  It 
is great work for all muscles  espescially the mind.  Lazy horses suddenly 
have to pick upfeet  and fast horses may have to slow down.  Some think it is 
fun.  Mine now goes thru a pile of poles like pick-up sticks.  He justs picks 
his way thru and seems like he has a good time doingit.  My arab does  
endurance, dressage and some teampenning.  I hope it helps.  Donna and Bob

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