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RE: Pony thief - HELP

Title: RE: Pony thief - HELP

I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened!  Good luck in getting him back.

Pull ALL OF THE PAPERWORK you drew up for the loan/free lease.  That is the only thing you would have to back your claims of ownership.  Hopefully you spelled out how matters should proceed if you ever wanted to end the loan/lease.  If the leaser of the pony doesn't return the pony when you show him your contract, then I would talk to a lawyer or go through small claims court.

If you only have an oral agreement, you may be out of luck since it will be hard to prove.  Perhaps you can track the new owners of the pony & see if their child has outgrown him & are ready to give/sell  him back.

Linda Flemmer

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I am trying to decide which way to turn next.  I loaned my daughter's pony to
a local business man (I bought a horse trailer from him) for his 8 year old
grandaughter.  This pony is now 22 years old.  We've had him since he was 6. 
My daughter showed him in lead line classes from age 3 to 5 and then
graduated to walk/trot classes.  At age 11, she rode him on some 25 mile
CTR's with me.  She is now 19 and has a son.  I called to get my pony back
for my grandson and was told that I "traded the pony for an awning for my new
trailer".  The truth is I traded my old trailer for the awning.  I talked to
the son (whose daughter used the pony) last spring and asked how my pony was
doing and told him that I had a grandson and would be wanting the pony back
soon.  He replied that the pony was doing fine. Period.  Rumor has it that
these people SOLD my pony.  This is really a long, convoluted story but I'm
just not sure what steps to take next.  Do I call a lawyer? Talk to the
sherriff?  File a claim in small claims court?  Any help would be
appreciated.  Thanks

Sallie (what was I thinking?)
Paddy Boy (Can I come home yet?)
Matty (Please don't loan me out)

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