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Pony thief - HELP

I am trying to decide which way to turn next.  I loaned my daughter's pony to 
a local business man (I bought a horse trailer from him) for his 8 year old 
grandaughter.  This pony is now 22 years old.  We've had him since he was 6.  
My daughter showed him in lead line classes from age 3 to 5 and then 
graduated to walk/trot classes.  At age 11, she rode him on some 25 mile 
CTR's with me.  She is now 19 and has a son.  I called to get my pony back 
for my grandson and was told that I "traded the pony for an awning for my new 
trailer".  The truth is I traded my old trailer for the awning.  I talked to 
the son (whose daughter used the pony) last spring and asked how my pony was 
doing and told him that I had a grandson and would be wanting the pony back 
soon.  He replied that the pony was doing fine. Period.  Rumor has it that 
these people SOLD my pony.  This is really a long, convoluted story but I'm 
just not sure what steps to take next.  Do I call a lawyer? Talk to the 
sherriff?  File a claim in small claims court?  Any help would be 
appreciated.  Thanks

Sallie (what was I thinking?)
Paddy Boy (Can I come home yet?)
Matty (Please don't loan me out)

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