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Trail Blazer--Kudos

I was one of the folks who expressed my displeasure a couple of weeks ago
regarding my irregular receipt of Trail Blazer magazine.  Someone on the
list, an employee of Trail Blazer (forgive me, I've forgotten her name)
gathered up the names of the folks having problems and presented it to Susan

Yesterday, I received a personal letter of apology from Susan Gibson, along
with the explanation that they had moved their subscription service
out-of-house and that this had been the source of the problem.  She said
they have now moved it back in-house and are "anxious and committed to
making sure that all of our subscribers receive their issues as ordered."
Susan also extended my subscription an extra year and included the last two
issues.  She asked that I contact her personally with any further problems
and gave her phone number.

I felt it only fair to post this information on Ridecamp since I was a part
of the thread publicly addressing the complaints here on the list.  The
effort was made on the part of Trail Blazer to remedy my problems in a
personal manner and I do appreciate that.  I sincerely hope the problems are
resolved as the magazine is, in my opinion, an enjoyable publication.

Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC #M17728
Southeast Region

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