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Horses that quit

While crewing in South Carolina I noticed that in the front instead of the usual 5 to 6 willingly to gamble (by going all out) the first time the pack went pass me there were 16!!!!!! However at the end there were only 2 that could keep that speed going for 100 miles(and one of them was pulled at the final). At this ride I would say it was not proper pacing to begin with also some of these horses had finished a 100 less than 7 weeks beforehand...I certainly did see a number of very, tired horses at the 75 mile hold some riders quit others elected to walk. I do know that the 25 mile loop the 2nd time on this ride takes its toll too... Which brings me to the next question. Do you think we could get J.D. to throw in a 75? Those that wanted to quit at the pond hold would still get something. The pull trailer was busy all night from there anyhow!!!! MAry

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