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Thorowgood Pro-Elite AP w/adjustable tree for sale

LeeAnn Dreadfulwater
This saddle looks like brand new! And just in time for Christmas...

Brown (not black)AP with 19" gel seat. Adjustable (velcro) knee blocks...put them where *you* want them. One of the nicest synthetics around--Pro-Elite is Thorowgood's top of the line. Tree is med. width and has adjustable setting that widens or narrows up to 3/4" either way. Comfortable saddle ridden only a few times. Panels are wool-stuffed and can be re-stuffed as needed. Made in England. Doesn't fit my extremely wide/round-backed/no wither Arab, but might fit your horse. :-) Bought in July of '98.  Price is without fittings so you can customize the way you want.
It is on consignment and can be seen at the Horse of Course in Claremore, OK. Paid $429 for it in July of '98--will take $350 OBO.

E-mail me at if you want more info...or feel free to call Horse of Course direct at (918)431-6293 or 1-888-49HORSE.  They will allow a week's trial of the saddle, with a small deposit. Would make a nice endurance saddle if you had a saddler add some rings--very comfortable and balanced ride.

Please, somebody buy this me pay for my newfound endurance addiction! *G*

LeeAnn in Oklahoma (so this is the "great saddle hunt")
Joker (Mom, get this number off my rump!)
Tut (Is it my turn, Mom, is it my turn yet?)
Almira Nefous (Hey--let me drive!)
Springfever LOA (Where are all the stallions? *flirt, flirt*)
My Zsatyn Doll (What's a saddle? Can I eat it?)
King's Corndogger (Thank heavens I'm a QH--blonds have more fun!)

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