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The two rides that I observed the "quitting" both had longer hold 
times than usual ( the fifty in Vt had two 45 minute holds, moderate 
temp, low humidity, hilly terrain - the hundred was SC with an hour 
hold at 26 miles, 30 at 42 and an hour at 50, moderate temp and 
humidity, sandy terrain - both rides had tons of water 
opportunities).  In theory, the horses had time to eat at the holds.  
Yes, I know, food eaten at holds is a long time to the gut, but it 
does help stimulate things.   Some of the horses that "quit" were 
seasoned competitors and it sure was a surprise.  I was riding with 
a horse that was doing his second 100.  We were riding together 
for 65 miles with very happy horses.  All of sudden he quit while 
cantering, just pulled off the pace and stopped. In hindsight, 
perhaps he whined for 5 minutes prior to that.  Since he was a 
greenie, she pulled him.  
I would be interested in knowing what type of blood analysis Art 
King was using at the PAC??!
John and Sue Greenall

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