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Back Injuries and deworming.

 Celeste Murray

My horse has been diagnosed with a twisted spine (approx. last few vertebra between third last rib and hip joint). I have a healing plan of action given by the chiropractor but have some questions for people who have had horses with similiar injury.
1. Will this heal 100% and can I go back to 100 milers.
2. How long can I expect my horse to take to heal before attempting a ride.
3. Are there any supplements I could feed that would assist in the healing process (eg. MSM)
4. What regime did any of you use to get your horse over this injury.
Sorry for the questions but the chiropractor could not give me the answers I needed as she has no experience with endurance.

My neighbour (horse owner not necessarily horse knower) is deworming his horse with ivomac sheep wormer! is this safe? could any of the vets out there give me any cons (if there are) so that I can approach the guy!

Celeste and Mawlud (ouch....don't touch me there!)

ps. please answer direct as I am not a subscriber.

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