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Re: RC: quiting


You need to contact Gayle Ecker who headed this research project.  Her
e-mail is above and I am sending a copy of this to her.


John & Sue Greenall wrote:

> The two rides that I observed the "quitting" both had longer hold
> times than usual ( the fifty in Vt had two 45 minute holds, moderate
> temp, low humidity, hilly terrain - the hundred was SC with an hour
> hold at 26 miles, 30 at 42 and an hour at 50, moderate temp and
> humidity, sandy terrain - both rides had tons of water
> opportunities).  In theory, the horses had time to eat at the holds.
> Yes, I know, food eaten at holds is a long time to the gut, but it
> does help stimulate things.   Some of the horses that "quit" were
> seasoned competitors and it sure was a surprise.  I was riding with
> a horse that was doing his second 100.  We were riding together
> for 65 miles with very happy horses.  All of sudden he quit while
> cantering, just pulled off the pace and stopped. In hindsight,
> perhaps he whined for 5 minutes prior to that.  Since he was a
> greenie, she pulled him.
> I would be interested in knowing what type of blood analysis Art
> King was using at the PAC??!
> John and Sue Greenall
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