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Re: RC: Water Question

In a message dated 12/05/1999 4:38:48 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<<  Can horses' bods tolerate more organic/inorganic material in their
 water than we  can?  You endurance riders sure have lots of
 experience on which water  your horses will "go for" on long
 -- Will horses drink "natural" water that will make them sick, or do they
 seem to "know" 
    water to avoid?
 Something(s) tell me that horses can tolerate a lot more water impurities
 than we can, but then I haven't tried drinking out of pasture puddles
 lately.  Any brilliant answers out there?  Any answers that everybody but
 me has?  Help!!!!

I would say YES, horse can tolerate poorer quality water than humans.  I've 
had horses drink out of mud puddles on the desert that was about 50% yellow 
mud.  They don't seem to mind and it doesn't seem to hurt them.  The only 
water I have had our horses consistently refuse is water from a creek that is 
about 1/2 mile downstream from a state park sewage treatment plant, a creek 
into which is released tertiary treated water.  (I think that is the term ... 
in other words, it is treated 3 times and considered safe enough to release 
into a natural stream.)  I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole, and even 
our horses seem to avoid it.  Flavor off, perhaps?


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