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Re: RC: Re: How many RDers does it take to....

In a message dated 12/03/1999 9:00:32 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< How Many Ridecampers Does it Take to Post the Simple Answer to a Simple
 >Question??? (This is in reference to the inquiry for the phone numbers
 >for Jeffers and State Line Take)  REEEEALLLLYYYY  folks, this is getting
 >a little petty, overworked and even tedious, reading the same answer
 >broadcast over and over and over and over and....
 >To me, once is enough!  We don't need another version of me too, me too,
 >ad finatum. (sp?) >>

I'm sure the reason there are so many answers to the same question is that 
those of us who have the answer don't know how many others also know the 
answer and whether they are going to post it to Ridecamp. I wouldn't make an 
issue of it.  As others have stated, use your delete key.


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