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NATRC Region 1 Convention 2000

Laurie from Gilroy, CA wrote:
>I would like more infomation of the convention in Los Gatos? If you have
it. or
>can tell me where to get it.

Thought I'd send this to the lists so interested people on the West Coast
can start making plans :-)

NATRC Region 1 Convention will be held Feb. 26, 2000 @ Loma Prieta Community
Center.  It will be a one day convention w/speakers all day Saturday
followed by '99 year-end awards dinner that evening.  In addition to lodging
available in nearby Scotts Valley and Los Gatos, those w/campers or motor
homes are welcome to campout Friday and/or Saturday night in the parking lot
of the community center.

    Featured speakers include long time endurance rider, Julie Suhr, and
trails advocate, Connie Berto.  Julie started her endurance career in the
60s -- I think this means 1960s, not that Julie was in her 60s when she
started endurance ;-) -- and has 20+ Tevis completions.  Connie Berto, also
a distance rider, is one of the organizers of Envirohorse, a group that is
trying to fund studies to find the truth about environmental issues
surrounding the use and keeping of horses.

    There will be two forums:

    "Vets' Viewpoint" w/Drs. Greg Fellers, Mike Witt, and Bob Dieterich (all
Tevis vets for you endurance riders)

    "Horsemanship, Picky or Helpful" w/NATRC horsemanship judges Nancy
Kasovich, Jamie Dieterich & Karel Waugh.

    There will also be a session on "Getting Started" w/Jim & Jan Jeffers
(both NATRC horsemanship judges).

    After lunch catered by the Summit Riders Horseman's Assn there will be a
fashion show of western wear and distance riding attire.  And, of course,
there will be vendors, so don't forget your checkbook and/or credit card!!!

    Hope to see many of you there!

                    Sue Flagg in Region 1

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