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Does anyone know this horse??

Hello There,

I saw these results (below) of the Carolina 100 and was wondering if anyone
here knows anything about the third place horse, Pico Nightrider???  He has
been doing pretty well this year and is owned by the Kanavy's, I believe.  I
have one of his half-brothers (who IMHO is going to be awesome someday ;-)
out of a *Magnat daughter.  I emailed Valerie about him and the saddles she
is selling, but no reply.    Just curious . . . . . . .

Linda Hedgpeth
Greenfield, CA

> Here are the ride results as presented to me, unofficial, all mistakes are
> JD's <g>, or mine since I'm not the best typist.
> Carolina 100
> 31 starters  16 Finishers
> 1.    Sandra Phipps         High Winds Jedi
> 2.    Nina Gibson               Saint Patrick Z
> 3.    Kristen Snook         Pico Nightrider
> 3.    Lori Hayward          Hott Property
> 5.    Karen Clark               Jeb
> 5.    Tracy Reynolds            EH Abded
> 7.    Rita Swift                Cass
> 8.    Sue Greenall              Shyrocco Jazz
> 9.    Steve Rojek               Hawk
> 9.    Valerie Kanavy            Ohadi Las Tradd

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