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SE Equestrian Trails Conference 2000/Clemson

Since I'm on the planning committee I thought I would go ahead and post this
to the group. While the focus will be on issues in the SE states, certainly
everyone is welcome to attend.  What the post doesn't say is that they have
also arranged for us to use a nearby facility so that we can bring our
horses and trail ride as well. There are apparently some pretty nice trails
at this location.  The agenda is currently under development.
Sally Aungier
Chair, Virigina Horse Council Trails Committee.

News Release
Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference 2000

The number of horses that are ridden on trails in the southeastern United
States each year certainly numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and may
exceed one million. Given this extraordinary amount of recreational activity
and associated economic investment, it is appalling that trail riders, as a
group, are so little informed on natural resource conservation matters.
Horseback riders are sometimes targeted for criticism for their adverse
environmental impacts and conflicts with other users. Yet, most trail riders
remain aloof to these issues, as well as management planning processes for
the public lands on which they hope to ride.

The Strom Thurmond Institute of Clemson University and the South Carolina
Horsemen’s Council will host the Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference
2000 at Clemson University May 7-10, 2000. The Conference will bring
together the equestrian trail interests in the seven most southeastern
states – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Tennessee, and Virginia. These states combined have about 1.6 million

The purpose of the conference will be to have the states share information
on trail issues. These issues will include accounts of successes in
cooperative efforts with private landowners and public land management
agencies in the development of new trails and trail access, as well as
stories of trail closures and failures in attempts to gain or maintain
access. The conference will target the need for trail equestrians to
increase their involvement in public lands planning processes. The current
mode of planning being used by the Forest Service for the National Forest
System, a process that focuses on public involvement, will be the main case
in point.

While the Conference will be geographically focused on the Southeast, all
trail enthusiasts, regardless of geographic location, are invited to attend
the conference. For more information on the SETC 2000 contact Dr. Gene W.
Wood by e-mail at or phone 864/656-0319, or Ms. Donna
Arterburn by e-mail at or phone 864/656-0605.

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