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Re: RC: Re: painless shots

In a message dated 12/7/99 5:12:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< I've watched a lot of people give shots to horses by "thumping" the needle
 in - no wonder the horses hate shots.  You can learn to give a shot by 
 gliding the needle in.  >>

There's thumping and there's thumping.  I've seen folks thump and thump and 
thump until the poor horse is just SURE something is up, and ready to flee 
for the hills.  I thump too, but it is two quick thumps and a stick, and it 
takes about 1 second.  The thumps are not hard, but they tend to make the 
horse not jump when the needle goes in.  Another big mistake I see is folks 
trying to do this with the needle ON the syringe.  Take it OFF the syringe, 
flick it in, and then it usually isn't a big deal to attach the syringe.  If 
the horse DOES jump and the syringe is on, you end up either losing it or 
pulling it back out again...


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