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Re: RC: Pig Proofing

The way our Marin  water district got rid of feral pigs was often funny. 
Hikers and equestrians were spotting pigs around the watershed.   Despite
the pigs' increasing damage and spread over Mt. Tam to the Audubon bird
preserve by Bolinas Lagoon, the "Friends of the Pigs" (FOPs) screamed
that they shouldn't be hunted, this was a non-hunter protection zone or
something like that.  So,  MMWD sent to Tennessee for the most
advanced-technology pig traps <BG>,  baited them and set them out.   They
got lots of pig tracks circling the traps OUTSIDE,  and every other kind
of wild animal except piggies INSIDE.   Then they  tranq'ed judas boars
and put electronic collars on and tried to follow them to the others,
with minimal success.  Finally, the District *very quietly* called in the
professional hunters who did the job.   One boar was about 600 pounds.
    Then the disposal question came up.  The pigs were carted over to 
the San Quentin State  Prison kitchen.   The incarcerated  Muslim
brethren said, "No suh, no pork on our dinner plates" and so they took
the carcasses to the St. Anthony Dining Room in San Francisco, who said
"Thank you very much" , cooked it up and fed it  to the  many poor and
hungry who daily line up at this free dining room.
    The feral piglet at the Lake Sonoma 50 was spotted by several on the
trail, including me.  I stopped and looked at it but left it -- I didn't
know where the sow was and I did Not want to be tackled  by an angry
mother pig.   But someone took it up -- it was incredibly cute.  About
ten inches long, dark hair, the cutest itty bitty face and feet.  All the
vets crowded round, ooh-ing and awww-ing, with stethoscopes at hand...I
think it was given to Ruth Waltenspiel for her future bacon supply.   
    Our middle son, who is a crack shot, has often brought home feral
pigs he gets at ranches up Mendocino way...and do the ranchers ever
appreciate his hunting abilities.  He eats what he shoots, and shares
with us.   It's delicious.   The remains of the pigs (and other game) I
pack on Billy, ride up to the hills and give it back to nature.   A few
days later there is never any sign of's been dinner for other
animals.   And so it goes.  Regards,  Connie B

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