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Pig Proofing

There are several rides in the San Fran. Bay Area that now have feral
pigs running amok.  I recall a Lake Sonoma 50 ride where a rider had
found a teeny wild piggy on the trail and brought it to the lunch vet
check...watching the vets gather around to "check out" this piglet was
pretty funny.  Any ride at Joseph Grant Ranch Park (Santa Clara County)
goes thru pig heaven.  They even come around the campgrounds at night to
check on horse feed, etc., and don't the horses know it!)  and leave
their calling cards around.   Usually these pigs are hard to spot in
daylight hours.   Unfortunately they do horrendous damage to fields and
woodlands  rooting for food and this is disastrous for watersheds.  In
Marin County  the water district finally got rid of feral pigs after
several years of effort,  and there are some funny stories about the
process...I'll save them for another time.   Regards,   Connie B   

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