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Wintec Saddles

Liz, this doesn't exactly address your specific question but here's my
experience with Wintecs.   I bought my Wintec all-purpose saddle about 8
years ago to "fill in" for my Stubben when the latter was going to be
re-stuffed.  My Morgan horse and I both loved the Wintec.  I have put a
couple thousand endurance miles on it so far.  On multi-day rides it was
especially useful as I would use each saddle on alternate days, for a
change.   It's light, easy to clean, lots of dee rings, and Very
Comfortable for horse and me.   To my surprise, it has proven to be
extremely durable and no stitching has let go yet.   I loaned it recently
to a friend (something I usually don't do) and she is buying her own
Wintec right now.    If it fits you and your horse with no white hairs,
pressure spots, galls, etc., I'd say go for it.   Connie B.

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