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Re: RC: RE: RC: Vets for Rides

C. Mike Tomlinson wrote:

> I wholeheartedly agree with the entire rest of the document.  We need to
> start certifying the ride vets, but keep in mind, that will only come at a
> price.  If you make it so only a few can do the job, you will either have to
> pay them more or have fewer rides.  Just food for thought.  (Personally I
> would like to have higher, more consistent quality vetting at a higher
> price, but that is my own personal opinion.

I hope that AERC does not start requiring certified vets in the near future.  A
voluntary certifictaion program would be wonderful.  A training video by the the
Vet committee would be fantastic.  BUT the whole country does not have the
endurance density of California. Putting on our ride already requires us paying
the vet's AERC fees, I don't want to have to import a certified vet from a huge
distance away and it would be da***d difficult to arrange and pay to have local
vets certified, but we could hardly ask them to pay for such training themselves
when there is only 1 ride withing their reasonable traveling distance.

Teresa Van Hove
AERC # M17417
and Long X ride manager.

> Mike
> C. Mike Tomlinson
> AERC #2562
> PS Region
> To:
> Subject:         RC:  Vets for Rides

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