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Re: RC: Another problem when it's time for shots

In a message dated 12/6/99 7:09:48 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I know this is a training issue, but how do I address it?  He knows it's
 going to hurt.  I do not want to sedate or twitch him for injections. >>

Cindy, if this is all he does, I wouldn't worry about it much.  Believe me, 
many act far worse!  What he does is pretty common, and as long as he is not 
pulling away or shouldering into the vet, the vet should have enough finesse 
to deal with it.  Sometimes a simple shoulder twitch (taking a handful of 
skin where the neck and shoulder join) will help--I've gotten to where I can 
give IM injections one-handed and shoulder twitch with the other if the horse 
is too antsy.  And horses don't tend to resent shoulder twitching the way 
they will other sorts of restraints. 


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