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Re: RC: Using baby monitors for "eavesdropping" on horses in trailer . . .

My experience with these devices is very interesting - but different
My sister is extremely disabled - bedridden for years.  A few years ago,
we tried a baby monitor in her room so she could signal us for "attending
to her'... well, we would get strange sounds in the neighborhood, i.e.
mysterious baby sounds and other in-house sounds.  Hmmmm -- sounds like
we kind of tuned into certain wavelengths - don't know if it depended on
proximity or maybe miles away but same wavelength.  Very eerie.  Don't
know if you would get fast-forward of glimpses into private lives -
human, or ?? as you bopped down the road!  Let me know what happens!!  At
least they don't cost much.  Might be worth trying!
Karen in PA

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999 08:51:43 EST writes:
>Have a horse we're hauling for the first time for a long distance (~6 
> We're bringing a buddy (a calm traveler), and plan to tranquilize her 
>(minimally) for the loading process (tho she's been in and out of the 
>a dozen or more times now, as part of her training and for the few 
>hauls she's done, she still gets very agitated when she gets closed 
>in, and 
>we've found this is the best way --temporarily-- to deal with those 
>But I digress . . .   Have any of you ever used the baby monitors to 
>in" on the horses in your trailer?
>I'm going to check out the Fisher Price model to see if the 
>transmitter works 
>on a battery (the speaker does).
>Before I make this big cash outlay (since we've got no children and 
>planning any!)  <chuckle> -- we'd like to know if anyone has used this 
>Thanks much in advance.  Please email privately if you'd prefer not to 
>clutter the board with something only tangentally endurance related.
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