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Using baby monitors for "eavesdropping" on horses in trailer . . .


Have a horse we're hauling for the first time for a long distance (~6 hours). 
 We're bringing a buddy (a calm traveler), and plan to tranquilize her 
(minimally) for the loading process (tho she's been in and out of the trailer 
a dozen or more times now, as part of her training and for the few short 
hauls she's done, she still gets very agitated when she gets closed in, and 
we've found this is the best way --temporarily-- to deal with those anxious 

But I digress . . .   Have any of you ever used the baby monitors to "listen 
in" on the horses in your trailer?

I'm going to check out the Fisher Price model to see if the transmitter works 
on a battery (the speaker does).

Before I make this big cash outlay (since we've got no children and aren't 
planning any!)  <chuckle> -- we'd like to know if anyone has used this system 

Thanks much in advance.  Please email privately if you'd prefer not to 
clutter the board with something only tangentally endurance related.


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