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RE: Wintec Aussie Stock - $125

To everyone who emailed me personally about the saddle I have for sale:
Thank you for your interest.  I checked my email this morning and I had
about 2 dozen inquiries.
One of the first I read was from a lady who said she would put a check in
the mail this morning, even without seeing the pictures.  I did send the
pics - it is a great looking saddle (17" seat) and in good condition.  So it
appears that it is sold.  I will save email addresses and send mail to
everyone who inquired if this person's check does not arrive.  I am selling
the saddle because I have ordered a Marilyn Horstmeyer "DeSoto" - a leather
endurance saddle.  (Custom made tree for my mule.)  The wintec was the best
fit of 5 different saddles I had tried for Rudy and he went well in it for
many training and several LD rides.  It was comfortable for both of us but I
did a test ride in a loaner Desoto a few weeks ago on a 25 miler(River Run).
I like the Desoto saddle better as it makes it easier to maintain a more
proper and balanced position,especially after I begin to experience rider
fatigue.....and it has a 'sissy bar' in front that saved my butt more than
once when Rudy made a few quick moves I did not expect..... I will miss the
light weight and easy care of the Wintec tho'......
Cindy (Why do so many people ride horses?)
Rudy (Kickin' horse and takin' names!)
Calaloo (Why are everybody else's ears so short?)
Meg (Where are the sheep?)
Spec(Where's Meg?)
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From: Mark King <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, December 06, 1999 6:08 AM
Subject: Wintec for sale?

>Hello Cindy,
>        Saw your post on Ridecamp about the Wintec Aussi saddle for
>sale--still have it?  Is this on with the adjustable tree?  Please tell
>If you've already sold it, please tell me what you liked and didn't like
>about it.
>        Thanks,
>                Deb Ambrose
>                North Carolina

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