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Another problem when it's time for shots

Recently the vet came out to the farm where my gelding is boarded to
administer flu/rhino shots.  My boy was also having blood drawn for Lyme
Disease testing.  When the vet entered the stall and moved close to where I
was waiting with Jack in a halter plus leadline, Jack raised and lowered his
head as a way to resist getting the injections.

He always does this when it's time for shots.  Once the needle is in place,
he generally calms down.  So far, it's never really caused a problem, but
I'm afraid it might some day.  It's certainly no fun for the vet.

Jack does not act like this for other procedures.  He used to resist the
syringe for 'lytes, but he's pretty well accustomed to them now (the
flavoring in Lyte Now seems to have helped), and the farm owner/manager says
that he's gotten better about taking worming paste as well.  He'll stand
patiently when I'm fooling with cuts or tick bites.

I know this is a training issue, but how do I address it?  He knows it's
going to hurt.  I do not want to sedate or twitch him for injections.

Cindy Eyler

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